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Résumé Writing Services

Résumé Writing Services

A well written résumé can be the determining factor between a superb career and a mediocre job! Write Way Communications specializes in developing successful résumés that get acknowledged. Get your résumé the attention it deserves with our expertise.

We are proud to deliver top quality résumés and cover letters in a timely manner. They are custom designed with the use of relevant and crucial keywords most suited to your skills and job requirements. We will also help  to develop and design your portfolio for your interview process. All of our résumés are custom designed and formatted with care so you can ensure your résumé stands out from the rest!

Résumé packages include a one hour professional consultation, a well written and designed résumé, a printed copy of your résumé, and a PDF of your résumé and cover letter on a memory stick.

Contact Write Way Communications for a critique of your current resume at no charge.

Résumé Service Costs:

Student Résumé  = $75

Hospitality Résumé = $80

Entry Level Résumé (New & Recent Graduates) $145

Middle Career Employment Résumé = $165

Executive Résumé = $250 (Includes portfolio book & cover letter)

Cover letter =  $55

Portfolio Development:

Portfolio Development includes the organization of your portfolio into a visually stimulating package to bring along to your interviews and for sales meetings. Please contact Write Way Communications for more details @  *Portfolio provided by Write Way Communications

Write Way Communications helps you get heard, the FIRST time!








Melanie Vollick, Freelance Writer


Business: 705-422-2075

Melanie Vollick, Write Way Communications Principal Founder

Melanie Vollick, Write Way Communications Principal Founder